Print Newsletters

Even in a digital world, people still love paper. Your alumni/ae base is diverse. Whether it’s generational or individual, people have different preferences in staying engaged and receiving alumni communications from their sorority or fraternity. Pennington’s job is perfecting an alumni communications strategy that caters to everyone’s preferences, and we want you to take pride in your print. Our print newsletter offerings give you the highest quality product with the most efficient management of contacts to keep alums in the loop throughout the year.

Print Newsletters
Digital Newsletter

Digital Newsletters

Email has become the preferred method of communication for most people around the world – and this includes your alumni/ae. To keep them engaged with your chapter, you have to communicate in a way that gets your message not just to their desktop, but also to their laptop or mobile device. Pennington’s digital newsletter offerings set the standard for state-of-the-art. We help you design, automate and communicate with digital newsletters that will have alumni/ae eager to check their inbox – no matter the device they’re using.

Member Management

The world is a dynamic place, and Greek alumni/ae are on the move. To keep them engaged, you’ve got to keep track of them – whether it’s their physical address or their email address. Pennington helps you take the guess work out of contact management by automating the tracking of your alumni contact information. It’s our business to make your contact management accuracy seamless.


 "Professional. Knowledgeable. Dependable. Trusted Advisors. Top Performers. How I describe everyone we’ve worked with at Pennington over the past seven years. Pennington manages our alumnae relations program and led our feasibility study that turned into a successful capital campaign. A talented group that delivers results."

Peggy Ballard

Campaign Co-Chair & Past CHC President | Pi Beta Phi - University of Georgia

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Personalized Communications & Correspondence

Outside of the normal course of communication, opportunities are available to capture even more attention and engagement. Directed emails and specific mailers can be used to jump start a campaign or solicit registrations for alumni events.

Annual Campaigns

Annual campaigns are a critical component of an organization’s fundraising program. As the backbone of your development efforts, the annual campaign is more than just a steady flow of funding. It also secures new donors, creates regular giving habits in your consistent supporters and moves them toward greater involvement.

Pennington & Company will help you carefully plan and execute your annual campaign efforts, from the development of creative themes and compelling messages to managing the schedules and timelines so that your program works in a complementary and seamless manner. Our services help you to better steward your alumni, keeping donors feeling good about your organization and the impact you are making.

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Gift Management

A successful capital campaign or annual campaign will mean that gifts of all sizes will need to be processed. Pennington and Company can manage the collection and processing of your gifts, as well as provide reminders to donors when a recurring payment is due and recognize those that give throughout your capital campaign or annual campaign.

One of the most important, but often overlooked elements in any fundraising effort is the actual collection and processing of contributions. Time and time again, we hear from prospective donors that a key reason for minimizing their support to an organization is due to lack of proper acknowledgement of their past gifts.

Pennington & Company offers the back-office support to collect and deposit contributions in a timely, secure and auditable manner, taking the burden off of the shoulders of volunteers. We will craft and distribute the acknowledgement letter, as well as provide reminders to donors when a recurring or scheduled pledge payment is due.

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